Contact Lenses


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Soft Contacts

Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional service to match the wide range of speciality contact lenses we provide.

From lenses to wear for sport, to the most complex multifocal lenses worn every day we will help you to find lenses to suit your requirements. We can cater for all prescriptions, no matter how complex. We fit all ages, from children to grandparents, so don’t ever think you are too old or too young to consider contact lenses, come and ask our advice.

Our experienced optometrists can provide lenses from suppliers from all over the world, so if you have been told previously that you are not suitable for contact lenses, please ask for our advice.

Soft Contacts

These are the most common type of contact lenses worn today. Great for sports activities, daily and also occasional wear, they provide wearers with tremendous freedom such as the ability to wear non-prescription sunglasses.


Daily Disposables


Since these lenses are designed to be worn once daily and then thrown away, they are great for busy individuals who do not have time for the normal soft lens regime of cleaning, disinfecting and storing. They are also ideal for occasional wear.

Regular Replacement

Myopia Control

Perhaps the most cost-effective lens type is the planned replacement lens. Often, this will be a two-week or monthly cycle where the lens is removed every day and stored overnight.  These lenses are well suited for addressing astigmatism issues.

Continuous Wear

Sometimes referred to as extended wear lenses, wearers can actually sleep in them and remove and replace them only once every 30 days. Specially constructed to permit enough oxygen to reach the eyes, they also require no storage regime.

Rigid Lenses


These have the advantage of not needing to be replaced as regularly as soft lenses. They are also suitable for a much larger range of prescription types and can in some cases offer superior quality vision.

Toric Contact Lenses


These are specially designed lenses to correct astigmatism. In years gone by these were difficult to measure, design and fit but this is no longer the case and we can opt for RGP, soft or disposable soft toric lenses to achieve exceptional vision.

Multifocal Contact Lenses


These are for patients who have reached the age when reading is becoming difficult. We have very high success rates for fitting these lenses, both to new wearers and those who already wear contact lenses.  


Myopia Control Lenses

We offer specialist lenses from MiSight which are proven to slow the progression of myopia or short-sightedness in children. 

90% of children said they preferred wearing these contact lenses over wearing their glasses. And, 90% of children were able to manage the lenses independently. 

Contact Lens Care Plans


When you wear contact lenses, it’s important that your eyes are checked regularly to maintain your eye health and enhance your comfort and sight as you continue to use contact lenses.

Our care plans are the best value way of providing for all your contact lens needs with a simple monthly fee covering the cost of all products and professional care as well other benefits including discounts on glasses and sunglasses.

All our care plans include the following:

  • Comprehensive aftercare – unlimited aftercare check-ups are included

  • Advanced eye examination every two years

  • Competitively priced contact lenses as required

  • Contact lens care and cleaning products as required

  • 30% discount on all complete pairs of spectacles

  • 20% discount on all non-prescription sunglasses

  • FREE trials of the latest lens designs

  • Emergency replacements for damaged lenses

Our plans are suitable for all lens types, whatever the replacement frequency.

Alternatively, you can use our ‘pay as you wear’ scheme, where you pay for your sight test and contact lens check annually and purchase contact lenses and solutions as you require them.

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