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Improved vision for Macular Degeneration patients

Even with reduced vision caused by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or RP it is possible to achieve improved vision with the E-scoop lens.

The E-scoop loupe lens has a special curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating.

These qualities together will project the light onto a different part of the retina and can improve your vision dramatically.

The result of the E-scoop loupe lens is different per person. The best result has been noted when one has a visual acuity between 3% and 45%. In some cases

we can see an improvement of 1.5x the current acuity.

E-scoop lenses can offer:

  •   Partial recovery of a part of the central vision

  •   Reduction of the sensitivity for day and sunlight

  •   Better recognition of details, contrast and depth.

Available in single vision, fitted to either a clip-on or glazed to a full rimmed spectacle frame.

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