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Quality, contemporary eyewear you'll love

At Pinder & Moore we specialise in matching contemporary frames and sunglasses to cutting-edge lens technology for exceptional glasses. We only stock the best brands and highest quality products so our customers can see better, look better and feel better.

We believe all glasses should be as comfortable as they are stylish so you love wearing them.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team are passionate about glasses, so they are only too happy to help you through the myriad choices of frames and styling options and advise you on the best lenses to suit your individual lifestyle needs.

We have some of the world’s lightest frames and thinnest lenses with state-of-the-art technology high definition lenses and, with our choice of designer and luxury eyewear collections you can be reassured we have the right glasses for you.

The Frames

It’s all about design, fashion, quality and comfort. Eyes are one of the first things you see when looking at a person, so we want your glasses to bring out your personality.

Your face shape, hair and skin tone, eye colour, style and image are all important in the selection of frames and our experienced team really do enjoy helping our customers find their “eye style”. We can offer personalised styling sessions and we have hi-tech mirrors and cameras which will allow you to compare how you look in different frames from different perspectives. We’re here to help you choose the right frames, and if you need to take them away to get a second opinion we’re happy for you to that too.

The Lenses

Customers are often surprised how much we can enhance their vision and improve the appearance and comfort of their glasses. We use computer technology to take the most accurate measurements possible to enable us to individually make each lens tailored to give the best vision.

And of course because you are an individual, your specific lifestyle needs are crucial to enable us to recommend the lens to best suit your lifestyle. For example enhanced reading glasses, these enable your eyes to work better at the separate reading distances of a book and a computer screen.

Special occupational lenses are tailored to your work style helping you to obtain sharper vision when needed, therefore reducing eye fatigue and neck and back problems.

As a specialist varifocal practice we provide individually optimised free form designs.

We can also make bespoke high powered lenses to most specifications so please do ask if this is something you are interested in.

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