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Sunglasses can be a lot of fun, but their important function is protecting our eyes from the sun.

We all know to take care of our skin in the sun but few realise how important it is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV. With UV linked to certain eye diseases, in particular cataracts, it is just as important to protect our eyes as our skin.

The great thing about our sunglasses is you can have both style and substance as all our sunglasses are fully UV absorbing and comply with the stringent EU quality standards for protection. Almost all can be made as prescription sunglasses.

Customers can choose from designer sunglasses, performance enhancing sports sunglasses, driving glasses or a simple pair of sunglasses for their holiday, and enjoy the confidence of our sunglasses price promise.

Sports Sunglasses

Consider contrast enhancement for golf, polarisation for fishing, lightweight well-ventilated sunglasses for running or cycling. With advancing technology, there are now sunglasses for most types of sports including surfing, sailing, ball sports, rock climbing and many more.

Driving Sunglasses

Driving sunglasses minimise glare by using polarisation, light stabilising technology and contrast enhancements to ensure safer driving experiences. Polarising lenses are also available in various lens types including single vision, bifocals and varifocals.

Fashion Sunglasses

We have some stunning collections, on trend with the latest styles, all available as prescription sunglasses.

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